Improving My Crop Production

Own A Farm? Information About Using Humic Acid As A Fertilizer And Benefits It Offers

If you own a farm and have crops, there are many things you can do to keep your crops healthy, such as ensuring they get enough water. Another thing you must do is to fertilizer your crops to help everything grow. One type of fertilizer you can use is called humic acid, which is an organic fertilizer. Below is information about this, as well as how it will benefit your crops. Read More 

Signs That Your Water Well May Need Water Well Plugging Services

It is very important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to ensure that your water well is remaining in the best possible shape. Otherwise, you could soon find yourself without the water that you need. Here are some of the signs that may indicate that your water well may need plugging services: You Are Noticing That The Water Is Cloudy This might be one of your first clues that there is something amiss with the water well. Read More 

3 Telltale Signs Of Malnourishment Caused By Unhealthy Cattle Feed

Being a livestock business owner puts you in direct charge of seeing to it that your animals are healthy, safe, and well fed because this is vital to the livelihood of your business. However, when cattle are the form of livestock you keep, spotting deficiencies can sometimes take a little longer simply because the animals are so large and may not be completely contained in a small area for direct observation at all times. Read More 

Reading Labels For Organic Crop Production Fertilizer: Know What’s In Your Fertilizer

If you are growing crops as a hobby farmer, you may think that any fertilizer will do. If you are also trying to get on board with organic farming, the same idea may be in your head. The truth is, not all fertilizers are the same, and not all organic crop production fertilizers are the same either. Your soil and the types of crops you are attempting to grow all need different nutrients. Read More 

10 Intersting Facts About St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass, or Stenotaphrum secundatum, is a perennial grass that is often planted in pastures and lawns. Because it is a warm-season grass species, St. Augustine grass thrives in hot climates and produces deeper roots to help it stay green and healthy during periods of drought. If you are considering a St. Augustine lawn for your property, review the following 10 facts to learn almost everything you'll need to know about this grass. Read More 

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Improving My Crop Production

After I inherited my father's farm, I could tell I needed to change a few things. For some reason the crops just weren't producing like they should, and it was devastating to watch year after year when they just wouldn't grow. It was frustrating to deal with the issue, but I knew I might be able to find help by talking to the experts. I consulted with a botanist who recommended a few changes, and it was incredible to see how it worked. This blog is all about improving your crop production by making better agricultural decisions. You never know, it could help your bottom line.