Improving My Crop Production

Reading Labels For Organic Crop Production Fertilizer: Know What’s In Your Fertilizer

If you are growing crops as a hobby farmer, you may think that any fertilizer will do. If you are also trying to get on board with organic farming, the same idea may be in your head. The truth is, not all fertilizers are the same, and not all organic crop production fertilizers are the same either. Your soil and the types of crops you are attempting to grow all need different nutrients. Read More 

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Improving My Crop Production

After I inherited my father's farm, I could tell I needed to change a few things. For some reason the crops just weren't producing like they should, and it was devastating to watch year after year when they just wouldn't grow. It was frustrating to deal with the issue, but I knew I might be able to find help by talking to the experts. I consulted with a botanist who recommended a few changes, and it was incredible to see how it worked. This blog is all about improving your crop production by making better agricultural decisions. You never know, it could help your bottom line.